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This collection of images has been collected from release screenshots over the years.

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20130131c: Filename-based availability used to show where burst data is found.

20130203a: Copy Plot Elements Down no longer resets the ranges. This was a bug.

20130206c: A bug in the events files was corrected. Also a tool for automatically generating a sequence of screenshots is used
20130214c: A bug were occasionally data would fail to be completely painted is fixed. geothermal20130106.vap

20130221a: Bill noted that Autoplot would sometime use different locations for ticks in a stack plot. This is fixed.

20130227c: New FFT function allows the window size, overlaps, and windowing function to be selected.

20130305b: Sloppy code prevented completions on

20130312a: White overplot on white background is allowed now, and a small warning is displayed.

20130328a: Add ticks from dialog now keeps its own history.

20130406a: It was almost impossible to select multiple plots and do "Swap Position" on a Mac.

20130412c: Occasional failures of test018 appear to be fixed.

20130709a: Random screenshot.

20130712b: Adjusting the slice index no longer has the flickering.

20130722c: Bug 1074 was a strange lockup first seen at LANL on Linux. New "status" script allows us
20130730c: The Tear-Off Tabs code got some attention.

20130810a: Completions are now shown in more useful scrollable list.

20130915a: The parsing of scripts to produce a GUI is more sophistocated now, allowing for branches with different get parameter calls.

20130921a: The contour routine is nearly ready to roll out. Let us know if you have an immediate use for it.

20131011a: vap+inline data source used to mark a time.

20131018a: Happy Fall!

20131105a: Handling of large data sets by the SeriesRenderer is more useful. This dataset has 5M points.

20131125a: New options panel explains what options are, and removes redundant and obsolete controls.

20131205d: New where parameter for CDF makes it easier to filter by mode.

20131220a: Winter break project: can a script count the rings? Also the horizontal slicer has a button to move the data to a plot below.

20140107b: A new das2server for temperatures around the house is set up, and annotations are coming soon.

20140114a: Random RBSP data.

20140127a: A script is used to study the slowness in rendering since a different bug was fixed late last fall. The bug is fixed now.

20140204a: More experiments with rendering look promising, but final changes for the rendering will have to wait for the 2014a production branch.

20140204c: Color scatter mode was broken back in December, and tests did not catch the mistake.

20140214b: Improve support for rendering (X,Y,Z) buckshot data with spectrograms.

20140221e: Events list tool allows events list sources to control axes.

20140305b: I encountered a surprise feature of the script editor, that CTRL-K shows completions based on symbols in the script.

20140311b: Tooltips on the go-to-website button remind users that it's a wiki and anyone can contribute to documentation.

20140401d: Y Axis now can be flipped.

20140421b: Autoplot is used to analyze bug 1129 where occasionally the display is mis-painted.

20140426a: Interesting features seen by Emfisis instruments on RBSP.

20140501c: A scaling bug in butterworth filter is corrected.

20140606a: PNG Walk Tool is used to look at IDL-generated images.

20140613b: Butterworth filter verification.

20140626a: Strange bug (1215) with rendering still shows with this dataset.

20140719b: New candidate for OpenDAP bookmark demo 1.

20140722c: Fun bug as the Pitch Angle Distribution plots got some attention.

20140804b: Fun using interpolation to distort part of an image.

20140808a: All the elements of arrays in the global attributes of a CDF files are now shown.

20140829b: interpolateMod added to correctly interpolate MLT and other functions that are cyclic.

20140903e: Improvements to completions for packages.

20140916a: HDF file is downloaded with downloadResourceAsTempFile, which will use gzip compression if it's available.

20141009a: Interactive slicer written in Jython shows the histogram of the points within the box.

20141020c: New fog keyword for the image source allows an image to provide context without competing with overplots.

20141031a: The PNGWalk Tool got a bit of clean up today.

20141117d: The legend icon for dashed lines failed to show the break because it was hiding behind the plot symbol.

20141126a: The FITS plugin got a little cleanup this morning, along with the nightly tests.

20141205a: Two PNGWalk Tools are bound together to build a tool for inspecting the results of nightly tests.
20141218b: New Filters GUI makes filtering data more intuitive.
20141221b: FFTPower routine is used to create a spectrogram from a .wav file. Happy Holidays!
20150114a: Binary file reader is used to read image from Juno camera data.
20150124a: A new digitizing script is introduced, which shows feedback. See code here.
20150131c: Aggregation undid all the benefits of the new CDF library. Here's a blooper from adding special support for aggregation.
20150203a: Overplot of coastlines on rainfall NetCDF spectrogram, showing slice to scan through slices in time.
20150216a: Pngwalk of last year's Barrel mission where we look for conjunctions between balloons ang RBSP spacecraft
20150304a: new xpos and ypos switches for plotx command allow more flexible layout.
20150312a: The NetCDF file reader will be getting more attention.
20150314a: Interpolate function used to sample points from a spectrogram.
20150321a: The huge scatter renderer now properly implemented for flipped axes.
20150404a: Data from NetCDF file.
20150412a: Netbeans Profiler is used to fix memory leaks in Autoplot.
20150418a: Round-to-n places from python is replicated.
20150423a: Code experiments with multi-threaded Python scripts, in this case executing the same work in a fifth of the time.
20150501a: An ancient bug where the context overview would mess up the menus is finally fixed.
20150507a: Even the secretive contours renderer has its own GUI now.
20150515b: Fun with scripting.
20150521c: Bug 1393, where Webstart would prevent new versions from propagating over HTTP, is finally fixed.
20150612c: Example script creates digitizer for extracting features.
20150619b: Barrel data is used to demo the tweak to the reducex function, which reduces the time resolution to hourly spectra.
20150626a: The Scratch cat messes with the last Autoplot screenshot. Have a great summer kids!
20150702b: Have a nice 4th of July weekend, Americans!
20150709b: Funky polar spectrogram screenshot.
20150716a: South America's border used to show where line plots of large data sets is pathologically slow.
20150729a: A round of new features is coming with v2015b. Here rgbColorDataset is used to form the data for the colorScatter mode, and plot now accepts named parameters.
20150808b: A recent study of the series renderer showed that its performance scaled as expected.
20150821a: Bugs in the contour plot are corrected.
20150828a: Random NC4 used to verify new HDF5 dialog.
20150911b: 67,000,000 points are plotted somewhat interactively.
20151017a: The new annotations feature set is done. Here a static image (left) is used to annotate the figure, and the text annotation (right) is being modified.
20151028a: The application timerange control appears on the axis tab now.
20151031a: Autoplot is misused (left) and used (right) to make the white background in a pumpkin image transparent. Here is the script.
20151102a: A bug in annotations, where the arrow would not print properly to PDF, is fixed.
20151118a: Data exported from Moves phone app works with Autoplot without reformatting.
20151124b: Two plots showing two different days' correlations. The legend label uses the macro %{PLOT_CONTEXT} to indicate the day.
20151206a: The open vap file dialog now has a control to reset the timerange.
20151207b: The open vap file dialog now has a control to reset the timerange.
20151221a: A digiziter script is modified to count cookies. Happy holidays!
20160108a: The CDAWeb plug-in now supports availability, showing where files provide data.
20160112a: Image from Flir device shows ground heat.
20160114a: The screenshots tool is used to document use of the screenshots tool. Here's the result: Making a tutorial and the tutorial made.
20160123a: Crosshair digitizer shows RGB values properly now when images are displayed.
20160205a: $v (version) and $x (wildcard) can be used in a URI without $Y (or other time fields) now.
20160227a: Annotations used with Autoplot to study data from 1-wire sensor.
20160229a: Stupid Autoplot tricks. Fill to zero reference is turned on with buckshot data.
20160312a: X tags can have errors now, and a control can be used to turn off the error bars.
20160317a: Fun with the pool over spring break.
20160326a: Image data source properly extracts the red and green components now; and red, green, blue and gray-scale colorbars are used by default. Happy Spring!
20160402a: Two plot elements use the same data source, which contains a slice operation. The mouse wheel is used to adjust the slice index.
20160404a: An Autoplot script is used to demonstrate interpolation to warp an image.
20160418a: ProGAL library provides 3-D tessellation, used by new functions for interpolating "buckshot" data to uniform grids. Script here
20160428c: Code cleanup of URI handling allows characters like ß to be used.
20160430a: 2-D triangulation and interpolation verified with script that adds custom renderer. script here
20160507b: Jython Script used to draw box-and-whisker plots. script here
20160512b: The DataSourceFilter is used to slice the data interactively. Here is the vap file.
20160527c: Toggle buttons improve feedback and make it easier to switch between current time range and data URIs.
20160604a: Error location within callback routines are now indicated, supporting more complex script development.
20160611a: Student Ben uses Autoplot to learn Python.
20160621b: PNGWalk tool default bookmarks are updated and now maintained at GitHub.
20160701a: PNGWalk new feature added by a script, where here we add a convenient "ok" button.
20160706b: Blooper where all the Juno orbit data was loaded, instead of one orbit.
20160708b: Experiments with creating a new colorbar from scripts.
20160714a: The screenshot tool takes a screenshot of the application and masks other windows for privacy. See createScreenShot.jy
20160723b: The binary source is used to explore the data with a CDF file.
20160728a: Image of Pikachu is loaded with a script, which showed a bug with indexing (bug 1629).
20160804b: SciPy Plasma colorbar added, and the slicers have an export data button.
20160818e: Data and reduced data overplot is displayed.
20160827a: More fun trying to parse power meter display.
20160902b: Contour, Digital and Spectrogram plotElements make this plot.
20160909a: Background decorator draws paper, and vap+inline provides the data.
20160924a: verifying smooth1.
20160930a: Demo HAPI server shows data collected from 1-Wire temperature sensors, and allows selection of available parameters.
20161008a: Demo HAPI server used to demo "Scheme" font which will soon be available on all platforms.
20161014b: More fun with fonts and reading digits of a power meter.
20161022a: Fun grabbing audio off the system sound card and running it through fftPower.
20161026c: The Data Mash Up tool is used to plot the plasma FCE by multiplying the B-Field magnitude.
20161102a: The Chicago Cubs are one game away from winning the World Series, which they have not done in 108 years. The "W" flags, which before television were flown on Wrigley stadium to indicate a win, will be flying today! script data
20161109b: Script uses Java logging, and Autoplot provides a menu for controlling logger verbosity.
20161112a: The Financial Times proposes an improved U.S. Electorial College map, without the bias issues (Results from 2012 election). Here's the article.
20161118a: Layout tab has "move plot element above others" action, for when an element gets buried by others.
20161128a: A small Jython script is used to create a convenient check list. This was used to keep track as the source for each Autoplot component was cleaned up. Here's the script.
20161129b: experiments with using Autoplot to teach optimization.
20161205a: Script uses Java logging, and Autoplot provides a menu for controlling logger verbosity.
20161221b: Happy Holidays!
20170102a: The Events List GUI is used to select burst data from RBSP.
20170113a: Two map pngs are plotted under the data. Autoplot invocations on the left, a Barrel balloon mission on the right.
20170121a: A Jython script is used to demonstrate bug where x-axis label was clipped when ticks point inward. Script here.
20170131a: With the PNGWalkTool and script optimizing data entry into QC annotations, a 1440 images are hand-digitized in about 10 minutes.
20170201a: POLAR/Timas data is now accessible from the CDAWeb plug-in. Quite a few quantities are available in CDAWeb which aren't supported in Autoplot, because IDL code needs to be replicated. Requests are welcome!
20170207a: Autoplot is used to compare path lengths around two Iowa lakes.
20170216a: NASA/Goddard's new firewall shows Autoplot is too chatty and careless with network connections.
20170223a: IMAGE FUV/SIE CDF files viewed with Autoplot.
20170227a: Two data sources from CDAWeb, with separate y-axes on left and right.
20170304a: ACE electron channels data used to verify features.
20170312a: NetCDF and HDF5 files now have depend0 parameter so two variables can be connected without a script.
20170314a: More fun with CDF support for overriding X and Y components.
20170320a: PNGWalk Tool used to figure out where one of the tests started failing (3 ticks instead of 5). Happy Spring!
20170320c: Data Mash Up and HAPI server used for quick study of house temperatures. Happy Spring!
20170401a: PNGWalkTool is used to investigate occasional failures in nightly testing.
20170404a: Two You-Tube performances of music piece are compared using FFTPower.
20170414a: Tabs are shown in Jython editor now, and can be used as Jython indentation character. This was a bit painful to figure out, and the upper screenshot shows where the wrong method was used, before a GitHub version of the editor (JSyntaxPane) was modified instead.
20170421b: Wedges in the PitchAngleDistribution mode are finally rounded.
20170427a: Pitch angle distribution plots now use curved plates. Thanks, Ed!
20170507a: Comparing adjacent images in the PNG Walk Tool, using its new ability to zoom in on images.
20170509a: Script demonstrates event thread mis-management.
20170512c: Silly plot demonstrating interpolate routine.
20170521a: Dinosaur from an interesting article: . ASCII table reader with its "where" switch is used.
20170602b: The PNG Walk Tool can now be used to create workflow documents, like this.
20170610a: New decimate filter used to get every tenth row and tenth column of image.
20170617a: Looking at waveform data from old Explorer wave file.
20170621a: Autoplot's digitizer is used to digitize Autoplot's lightning bolt. Happy Summer!
20170628a: Our local grocery store celebrates PI day back in March, and unintentionally supports TAU (2*PI) as well. Happy TAU day!
20170701a: HAPI client considers data cadence, drawing connections to points beyond the x-axis range.
20170705c: Fun with the mash up tool, plotting the left and right channels of a stereo wav file.
20170722a: From 1960 human factors study of phone touch-tone buttons. (
20170728c: RBSP-B Magnetic Field Data.
20170805a: MMS FPI data causes problems with the default spectrogram interpolation, due to interleaved sweeps. This has been corrected by first interpolating in Y then X.
20170811a: Experiment with new metadata that would allow time offsets for each step of a sweep.
20170819a: PNGWalk Digitizer used to digitize the path of bug on pool surface.
20170826a: A colander is used to look at the 2017 eclipse in Kearney, Nebraska.
20170901c: Colorscatter mode is used to make silly plot of Bx, By, and Bz on a rotating spacecraft.
20170909a: Compost Bin Temperatures for August, made with the Mashup tool and mod(T,'24hr').
20170916a: Color Scatter and Series modes interpreted data inconsistently.
20170922b: HAPI server shows that an attic window was left open in the middle of January. Happy Fall!
20170930a: Color GUI allows selection from 140 named colors.
20171004a: PNGWalk tool used to browse images of DSCOVR mission data.
20171009a: At 8:00, the ones digit lower right segment is off, and the red and black values match.
20171012a: Fun with drop shadows.
20171013c: Fun with drop shadows.
20171017b: Autoplot can be made to layout out the plots precisely. See the script.
20171021a: New scale property is bound between plot and inset plot. Zooming out in one zooms out in the other, or resizing. Here's the .vap
20171028a: Scale binding allows two plots of different heights to have the same scale.
20171104b: New polar plot rendering mode will better support polar spectrograms and lineplots.
20171111a: The PNGWalk tool used to look at a pile of images.
20171116a: Custom component added in Jython to left and right plots, and the PNGWalk tool now allows PNGWalks to be run so that Jython extentions can be used.
20171117a: Custom renderers allow anyone to define new ways of displaying data. Here is the script.
20171121a: Google open-font "Fira Sans" is added to Linux ~/.fonts folder, and the font chooser GUI can be used to test if it has characters. See
20171122a: Autoplot used to make a Thanksgiving turkey using the contour function. Happy Thanksgiving!
20171127a: Jython plot command returns the plot and plotElement, and has new rightAxisOf named parameter. The script is here.
20171128a: Old Autoplot splash screen uses slightly different yellow than new icon.
20171203a: The script plot command has more controls, such as symbolFill.
20171205a: Old "isotropic" switch binds the x axis and y axis scale.
20171208b: Experiments with using Java 2D to find bounding regions.
20171216a: Having fun, adding warble to a Taylor Swift song. With warble and the script.
20171221a: Drawing Koch-curve snowflakes in Jython. Happy Holidays!
20180106a: Colorful random walk will be used for demos.
20180113a: Bug 1946, introduced between v2017a_5 and v2017a_6 shows where cadence was handled inconsistently.
20180118a: Pngwalk properly renders images from re-implementation of Neko app.
20180125a: cumulativeMin and cumulativeMax functions introduced.
20180202a: With the PNGWalkTool and script optimizing data entry into QC annotations, a 1440 images are hand-digitized in about 10 minutes.
20180203a: The contours renderer got some new features this week, such as format and relative font sizes (2em means twice the canvas size).
20180210a: Stress-testing annotations.
20180219a: PNGWalk showing snowfall for half-day periods. Snowfall data from and read in easily from NetCDF file.
20180224a: Plotting many orbits.
20180307a: Jython plot command now has "topAxisOf" named parameter.
20180310a: Reference line is drawn when fill color is transparent.
20180313a: Contour plot overplotted on spectrogram.
20180314a: Bug in rendering circles corrected back in January. Data reduction would add small errors to make the curve non-circular.
20180316a: 1-Wire sensor and HAPI server hosted on Raspberry Pi monitor pool temperature.
20180320a: Temperature trend of compost bin and garden pool both seem to change at the same time. Clouds? Happy Spring!
20180324a: Old availability plot. The aggregation dialog has a checkbox to show only if files are found.
20180331a: is used to render LaTeX code to an image, annotation draws the image on the plot.
20180407a: PNGWalk is used select frames and write captions for a tutorial. The tutorial shows how to use LaTeX in annotations and is available here
20180414a: New CDF metadata for nominal and warning limits causes yellow and red lines in lineplots.
20180418a: Create Pngwalk is able to Autorange the top Y axis while leaving the bottom one fixed.
20180422a: Bottom plot has the scale bound between the X and Y axes, and the top plot shows a third parameter during the same interval. Here's the .vap file.
20180427a: vap+wdc prefix parses the World Data Center KP/AP files without mention of the .jyds script which reads the data files. The script editor is used to show one of the files.
20180504a: PNG Walk Tool used to look at soil temperatures from*.png.
20180516a: "Interval Average" mouse tool is now able to export data.
20180521a: "Study of Brown," taken by cell phone in pocket, presented by the PNG Walk Tool.
20180601a: A new colorbar is introduced to support the Radio JOVE community.
20180606a: Binary reader is used to quickly reverse engineer a DICOM file of an x-ray.
20180615a: Fun with vap+inline and alternate colorbars.
20180704a: makeColorTable is used to make a custom color table. Happy 4th, Americans!
20180707a: CDF metadata can be used to indicate nominal and warning ranges.
20180714a: More anchor positions are added for annotations.
20180719a: The PNGWalkTool now allows digitization when zoom is turned on.
20180728a: Editor color control and Export-to-Matlab-files features are coming. See rfe 643 and rfe 646.
20180803b: A JNLP release which will run Autoplot with 4G of ram memory is available for 64 bit Java installations.
20180808a: Jython editor shows red squiggle where the problem occurred, and evaluates highlited expressions.
20180818a: New "dataIntersection" command returns the data found in both datasets.
20180825a: Studying Scatter performance with the goal of removing the confusing Huge Scatter mode.
20180828b: Having fun with RGB to HSV conversions. Here's the script
20180830a: Experiment with reading ESRI shape files shows Autoplot can handle 1,380 plot elements.
20180910a: Bug where non-numeric sort order for columns in Display Data mouse tool is corrected.
20180915a: Heavy rains in Iowa City would overflow into the pool, affecting its temperature.
20180922a: Bird song rendered as spectrogram, and a context overview is used to zoom in. Images as annotations can now be scaled. Happy Fall!
20180929a: Short but complex Jython script shows Apache Math's Bessel function. It uses many features, described in comments here.
20181006a: Tutorials can be made easily, showing graphics for each step and providing a place for workshop attendees to write notes. See this tutorial.
20181009b: OpenDAP server sends Hawaii map with lat and lons which Autoplot can't easily use.
20181027a: Mashup tool used to flatten rank 2 Lat,Lon,Precip so that "link" command can be used. This is now done automatically in link command.
20181031a: "triScat" spectrogram rendering mode draws spectrogram from buckshot data. The script.
20181102b: Study for bug 2051, where rank 2 y tags would slow things down inordinately.
20181110a: Slices of each image of fireplace video creates new image.
20181115a: Garden Play House and Reflecting Pool temperatures are alive again, after the old Raspberry Pi died in a rain storm when the window was left open. This script updates the axis to the last 24 hours.
v2017a_1: Quick study of automated testing read times shows where the time it takes to read a file is bimodal.
v2017a_2: The Events List tool is used to select time ranges from a list of time intervals. Here is an example file.
v2017a_3: Color GUI allows selection from 140 named colors.
v2017a_4: Happy Halloween!
v2017a_5: The DataPointRecorder now allows fill to be manually entered, breaking the connecting line.
v2017a_6: Old bug where first ten records of a wav file were dropped is corrected.
v2017a_7: Spectrograms made from waveforms of Explorer 1 telemetry. This week is the 60th anniversary of its launch.
v2018a_1: 1-Wire sensor and HAPI server hosted on Raspberry Pi monitor pool temperature.
v2018a_10: Annotations can contain scaled images, so LaTeX rendered on remote sites can be rendered at 300 dpi.
v2018a_11: Voyager PRA data from a Das2Server.
v2018a_2: Temperature trend of compost bin and garden pool both seem to change at the same time. Clouds? Happy Spring!
v2018a_3: vap+wdc prefix parses the World Data Center KP/AP files without mention of the .jyds script which reads the data files. The script editor is used to show one of the files.
v2018a_4: Autoplot can read .sps and .spd files from NASA's Radio JOVE project.
v2018a_5: Corrections to tri-scat rebin mode to support slicing.
v2018a_6: Export to IDLSave now supports rank 2 (spectral) data.
v2018a_7: SOHO Solar Wind Speed, above plot showing data availability at CDAWeb.
v2018a_8: Having fun with RGB to HSV conversions. Here's the script
v2018a_9: Having fun with RGB to HSV conversions. Here's the script. Inset shows non-monotonic data which should be connected, which was broken in v2018a_8.

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