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Autoplot needs a local space to run the full application. This is in $HOME/autoplot_data/, so it is at:

  • /home/$USER/autoplot_data on linux/unix
  • /Users/$USER/autoplot_data on a mac and Windows 7
  • C:\Documents and Settings\USER\autoplot_data on Windows XP

Within this folder there are the folders:

  • fscache/ area for the cache of downloaded files
  • plugins/ jar files for new plugins go here, also jython-implementations of plugins. These are not used because of Webstart security. For local installations, this probably still works.
  • bookmarks/ bookmarks storage and recent links.
  • tools/ Jython scripts that are added to the menu bar under tools.
  • pycache/ Python puts stuff here for its operation

The fscache can be moved using the Autoplot GUI to a different filesystem.

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