Autoplot Application (v2024a_4)

jnlp WebStart : Open JDK and Java 8 through Java 11 launch mechanism, 64-Bit Java will improve capabilities.
Single-Jar : .jar files can be launched on Windows and Mac, and contain a shell script for launching on Unix computers.
dmg: a self-contained installer for Mac computers.
exe: a self-contained installer for Windows computers.
Built with Install4J multi-platform installer builder and deb and rpm available as well. Thanks, Install4J!


Old dog foot prints database found, and demonstrates that spaces within .zip files are handled properly.

Autoplot allows plotting of data from many data sources, including remote CDF files and HAPI servers. Datasets are identified with URIs, and by the URI's extension, data are loaded into one uniform data model. Data are then displayed by determining the rendering method and axis ranges to provide a useful display with interactive axes and mouse actions. The data can then be further processed with other operations like smooth and FFT, and Jython scripting provides a capable programming environment.

This is the Autoplot v2024a branch. This is an update to the production version containing bugfixes and minor new features. Java 8 is required.

To run on 32-bit systems, use the single-jar release and a 32-bit version of Java.

Bugfixes (2024-05-02 r27630):

Older Bugfixes (2024-04-11 r27603):


Less recent features:

Feedback on the function and quality of this release is greatly appreciated!

Data is input from: is the website containing more information than this launch page.