Autoplot Application (20151028a)



The application timerange control appears on the axis tab now.

Autoplot attempts to allow plotting of data from many data sources, including local files and OpenDAP servers. Datasets are identified with URIs, and by the URI's extension a module is used to load the data into the internal data model. Data is then displayed by guessing the rendering method and axis ranges to provide a reasonable, useful view of the data.

This is the Autoplot2015a branch. This is an update to the production version containing bugfixes and minor new features. Java 7 is now required. Java 8 will be required sometime soon.

Single-jar version, autoplot.jar, can be run without netwok access and from the command line.

Bugfixes (2015-10-27 r17822):

Older Bugfixes:


Less recent features:

Known issues:

This completes the feature set for the new production branch. No major features will be added before branching this version. A production branch will be started in a couple of weeks, and the "Start Autoplot" link at the top of will run this version. Feedback on the function and quality of this release is greatly appreciated!

Data is input from:

This is not complete, and limitations include: is the wiki website, and contains more information than this launch page.