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Audience: Autoplot and das2 developers

Purpose: Explain use and lifecycle of progress monitor objects.

1. Introduction

The definition of proper management of monitor objects has moved around over the years, and after discovering Autoplot bug and realizing I've lost my documents on how to manage progress monitors, I realized this needs to be documented again.

2. Lifecycle

  • Either the progress monitor is ignored, or
  • all uses of the progress monitor are within one script or Java code.

So the lifecycle goes like this:

  • monitor.setTaskSize(int) is the size is determinate.
  • monitor.started() is called.
  • repeat any number of times:
    • monitor.setTaskProgress(int) is called. Monitors must be careful because this method may be called millions of times a second, and it must be quick.
    • monitor.setProgressLabel(String) is called.
  • monitor.finished is called. Just once!!!!
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