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Purpose: Consider upgrading to Java 6 requirement.

1. Who is Affected

Just a couple of people started Autoplot with Java 5, according to the web logs. The impact would be small.

2. Reasons to Upgrade

  • has writeKeysFile, which is a text file dumping all the known keys. With Java 6 this could be made to be readable only by the file's owner.
  • IOExceptions that have initial cause. Right now there is a bunch of code where the cause's message is preserved, but not the source exception.
  • Errors java 5 shows with @override annotation with inner classes. "./org/autoplot/pngwalk/ method does not override a method from its superclass" but it does...
  • java 5 shows lots of bugs with the GUIs. It works, but menus are drawn in the wrong place and much of the GUI takes a while to initially paint on Linux.

3. Notes

  • The Autoplot used by the Plasma Wave Group is already built with Java 6.
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