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Show in human-ready form the logic of AutoplotUtil.guessRenderType. See also


  1. RENDER_TYPE is specified in dataset
  2. Guess it from dataset geometry
  3. Notes
  4. Explicitly Setting the Render Type within the Data Set
    1. Proposed extensions

1. RENDER_TYPE is specified in dataset

time_series → hugeScatter when length>80000

time_series → series otherwise

spectrogram → user preference for nnSpectrogram or spectrogram

XXX>YYY → RenderType.valueOf(XXX);

2. Guess it from dataset geometry

JOIN_0 !=null && length()==0 → Series

SemanticOps.isRank2Waveform(fillds) → hugeScatter

ds.rank()==2 && isBundle && bds.length()==3 && DEPEND_0, 2 )!=null → colorScatter

ds.rank()==2 && isBundle && bds.length()==3 && DEPENDNAME_0, 2 )!=null → colorScatter

ds.rank()==2 && isBundle && bds.length()==3 && &&,2)!=null → colorScatter

ds.rank()>=2 && isBundle && bds.length(0)==3 && lastIsOrdinalUnit → eventsBar

ds.rank()>=2 && isBundle && bds.length(0)==4 && lastIsOrdinalUnit → eventsBar

unitIsOrdinal && noDep0 → digital

unitIsOrdinal && dep0 → eventsBar

3. Notes

There is no scheme that resolves to: stairSteps, fillToZero, image, pitchAngleDistribution, vectorPlot, orbitPlot or contour.

4. Explicitly Setting the Render Type within the Data Set

Datasets can suggest a method for rendering, and Autoplot will always use this now.

ds.putProperty( RENDER_TYPE, 'fillToZero' )

4.1. Proposed extensions

I've been trying to figure out how the dataset can have more control over how it is rendered. For example, AE should always be 4=yellow, <4=green, >4=red. The jython script that loads this could put in hints to get this close.

ds.putProperty( RENDER_TYPE, 'fillToZero>color=yellow&fillColor=yellow' )

The "fillToZero" refers to a type, and after the greater than sign are further qualifications.

For example, the image reader can request the greyscale channel, but the colorbar used to render this is default RGB.

ds.putProperty( RENDER_TYPE, 'spectrogram>table=greyscale' )

Reserved words should come from the plotx function, but I'll enumerate them here:

  • spectrogram
  • interpolate=none,nn,bilinear
  • table=greyscale,blackred,blackgreen,blackblue,
  • color=0xRRGGBB,red,blue,etc.
  • fillColor=0xRRGGBB,red,blue,etc. darker brighter
  • reference=0.0 datum for reference, with fillColor
  • thick=1 in pts/pixels
  • symbolSize=3 in pts/pixels
  • style=dashFine,dotFine,solid. TODO what does the "fine" refer to?
  • symbol=circles,triangles,cross,ex,star,diamond,box,none
  • fillStyle=fill,outline
ds.putProperty( RENDER_TYPE, 'stairSteps?color=yellow' )
ds.putProperty( RENDER_TYPE, 'series?color=blue&interpolate=nn' )

Also see the property plotElement.renderControl, which should use these as well.

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