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  1. 20110609: lost renderer
    1. 20110617
    2. 20130514
  2. 20130514

1. 20110609: lost renderer

This was while trying to get the load order to be consistent and correct, so that renderers are always stacked in the same order as in the vap (except for spectrograms). This is on Jeremy's home development environment. Note this included new code, that was not yet released.

  • load file:/home/jbf/ct/autoplot/bugs/pw/rendererOrder3.vap. This correctly shows the three panels overplotted.
  • reset. This correctly resets.
  • load file:/home/jbf/ct/autoplot/bugs/pw/rendererOrder3.vap. Now only two traces are visible. The blue trace is there--but it's displaying the wrong data.
  • reset. The remaining renderer has that mystery dataset there.
  • try to reset the URI. The renderer doesn't show it.

1.1. 20110617

  • this bug still presents itself.

1.2. 20130514

  • this bug was fixed at some point.

2. 20130514

The copy plot elements down still shows one bug. I fixed a long-standing one where the renderType would get reset, demonstrated in test100_Test_3pt8_CopyPlotElementsDown.png 
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