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  1. glossary (16,396 bytes)
    1: Provide definitions to specific words used in Autoplot's documentation.
    13: '''QDataSet''' Autoplot's method for representing a dataset, or data mode...
    15: ...g. Density[Time] is a rank 1 dataset with the one index corresponding to time; Flux[Time,Energy] is a ran...
    29: ...ple, a 2-index QDataSet may be backed by a single-index double array or by a file that has been memory-ma...
    39: ... like "2016-05-05" for May 5, 2016. See [[ more about ...
  2. help (94,213 bytes)
    2: ...t stored in HTML, JPEG, and PNG files on the web, Autoplot allows you to interactively browse data stored in...
    4: Autoplot tries to create a sensible plot given a URL or a ...
    6: ... there at!forum/autoplot.
    8: ...entists to the software and go over its features. Autoplot is intended to be easy to use for new scientists,...
    11: ...ith Java's WebStart, where clicking on the "Start Autoplot" link will download and start the application aft...
  3. (15,323 bytes)
    3: Purpose: Create an outline for the Autoplot book, from Jeremy's perspective. Bob will be cre...
    7: <b><center><font size="+3" color="black">Autoplot</font></center></b>
    32: ...s. What might take ten steps in IDL takes one in Autoplot.
    33: ## Autoplot is open-source and runs on the freely available J...
    35: ...taSet." Once data is read in from a CDF file, to Autoplot it looks the same as if it were from a text file.
  4. developer.release (7,325 bytes)
    1: Purpose: Describe how Autoplot is released
    3: Audience: Autoplot developers
    6: Autoplot's release has grown incrementally over the years....
    8: ...g copy of
    11: at is used to create releases. This provid...

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