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Each interface captures the content of a particular type of science content.

Jot list of data types of potential interest:

Note: all data interfaces are implied to be immutable (no mutator methods on the interface; client usage can expect no changes)

linear data

  • number of values
  • values (1-D)
  • x-axis values(not necessarily a gauge!) (time
  • possibly gauged (time, or more generally non-strictly monotonic
  • different flavors: scatter plot data, line plot data
  • uncertainties
  • units
  • name of x variable; name of y variable
  • description
  • fill value
  • max x-gap for connecting dots OR max gap function of x OR max gap as function of index
  • plotting metadata: plot color, symbol, line thickness, axis labels

Simplest Interface: XYData

  • size()
  • getX(i)
  • getY(i)

Then have a separate interface with:

EnhancedXYData extends XYData

  • isFill(index)
  • xunits, yunits (TBD probably some object)
  • name of x variable; name of y variable
  • labeler for axis values
  • Optional<UncertProvider> getUncertProviderX()
  • Optional<UncertProvider> getUncertProviderY()

interface UncertProvider {

 double getUncertPlus(i)
 double getUncertMinus(i)


EnhancedXYDataWithUncert extends XYData

spectrum / 1D histogram

  • has x bins
  • has y data values for each bin
  • has uncertainties?

spectrogram / 2D histogram

  • not just with functions of time


Plot Types in Autoplot:

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